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Average speed camera limits relaxed and roadworks 10 miles max!

Average speed camera limits relaxed and roadworks 10 miles max!
5th December 2016 Run Your Fleet Admin

Well this sounds like a bit of motorway sense – Highways England has been asked by transport minister John Hayes, to look at relaxing the strict average speed camera limits with the possibility of them ‘safely’ being raised above 50 mph, and to also restrict the length of motorway roadworks to a maximum of 10 miles.

This is in reaction to the growing frustration and anger at the long stretches of motorway roadworks that are monitored by average speed cameras with the strict limit set to 50 mph.

Millions of pounds of fines are raised each year through motorists being caught out by these cameras through increasingly long sections of roadworks.

In the Telegraph online article, Ed King, AA, says: “Average speed cameras are increasingly viewed as cash cows because they are just raking in the money over long stretches.”

This move will hopefully mean a less frustrating journey with the reforms coming in before the country’s motorway network undertakes a some of the biggest infrastructure projects seen in years.

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