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Ban the Bump and Save Lives!

Ban the Bump and Save Lives!
1st December 2016 Run Your Fleet Admin

Well who knew this would ever be suggested……removing speed bumps from our roads in an attempt to save lives and reduce air pollution!

This is being suggested by the health watchdog the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice). A bit unexpected as these were initially introduced as a safety feature, although annoying.

Research suggests that motorists staying at a constant speed, rather than accelerating and decelerating, helps reduce air pollution and so will help reduce deaths caused by pollution each year, and we know that air pollution is a contributing factor in 25,000 deaths.

Also, when you think about it, and as pointed out, speed bumps are put outside many schools to reduce traffic speed and cut accidents, but the very fact that they are having to decelerate and accelerate to cross these bumps is in fact contributing to air pollution and in an area populated by some of the most vulnerable to pollution.

For the full article in today’s Telegraph online, click on this link


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