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Fleet Managers : How can vehicle telematics and vehicle tracking systems work in your fleet?

Fleet Managers : How can vehicle telematics and vehicle tracking systems work in your fleet?
18th March 2013 Run Your Fleet Blog

Fleet Managers turn to tracking for money-saving and efficiency


Fleet Managers are turning to telematics and tracking now that the benefits of the technology are more than simply knowing where company vehicles are. If your business is thinking of investing in a telematics or vehicle tracking system there are many ways it will make your fleet more efficient.

How is your fleet vehicle being driven?

Vehicle tracking will improve risk management. Speeding events and harsh acceleration and braking will be highlighted, meaning that drivers can be made aware of their behaviour and steps taken to improve this.

Fleet Driver safety

 According to Rospa, driver fatigue may be a contributory factor in up to 20 of road accidents and up to a quarter of all fatal and serious accidents. Young male drivers, shift workers, truck drivers and company car drivers are most at risk of having an accident while tired. Telematics will highlight if drivers are driving for long consecutive hours or driving without a break. If daily mileage and daily driver hours are too high this can be rectified before it becomes a safety issue. Real time vehicle tracking can solve these issues instantly, with drivers immediately advised to take a break.


Emissions reports

Tracking and telematics has improved to the extent that it can provide CO2 reports and MPG reporting. If any deviations from the expected norm are found then the vehicle can be identified and the issue fixed, saving problems further down the line.


Cloud reports for Fleet Managers


Cloud technology can really improve telematics for Fleet Managers. Control of the fleet is available from any cloud-connected devices 24 hours a day.  Real time vehicle tracking, journey history reporting, full driver behaviour reporting and profiling, vehicle fault alerts and actual mileage reporting are all available instantly. With real time collision replay also available, connection to the cloud makes Fleet Manages more aware of how their fleet vehicles operate than ever before.


Fuel Savings

With fuel costs taking up such a large part of a Fleet Manager’s budget, any help in reducing these costs and making fuel savings is welcomed.  MPG, journey times and driving style can all be logged in an effort to save fuel.


Telematics and vehicle tracking are an impressive addition to the Fleet Manager’s range of tools, and one that many are taking full advantage of – to the benefit of their bottom line. Are you using these systems in your fleet management?


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