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Talking Telematics with National Sales Manager, Chris

Talking Telematics with National Sales Manager, Chris
22nd February 2019 Run Your Fleet Blog

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Interviewer: What is telematics?

Chris: At its simplest form, telematics started off as a vehicle tracking system, a dot on the map with location reporting, only possible because of GPS.

When it was first introduced it was viewed with great scepticism and suspicion because of the idea behind it being the new ‘big brother’ of vehicle tracking.



Interviewer: How can they help?

Chris: At its most basic level, a telematics and tracking system keeps cars and drivers safe and it provides:

  1. Real time GPS tracking which is ideal for anti-theft and crime prevention
  2. Journey history reporting to track staff journeys
  3. Risk management for tracking speeding, breaking and driver fatigue



Interviewer: Are they worth it?

Chris: Telematics and tracking systems are an ideal solution for increasing bottom line profits for businesses.

As well as all the reasons above, our customers find them useful because they save time on job allocation and routing; in addition, they provide accurate fuel monitoring, maintenance management and keep an eye on driver behaviour.

These benefits have meant all our fleet managers have witnessed the invaluable added value – in terms of saving time on labour and profits – that installing a telematics tracking system has had.


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