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Time to take a second look at driver sight?

Time to take a second look at driver sight?
24th October 2016 Run Your Fleet Admin

Do you think it is time we took another look at the driving test sight test?

We take only one compulsory eyesight test just before we take our driving test, and then, that pretty much is it.

Having just read this article in The Telegraph about the average eye sight and exactly what that means with regards to driver vision, perhaps we should be calling for mandatory testing throughout our driving life?

I like to think I have good eyesight, I’m slightly long sighted, can see for miles, nothing seems blurry, but then I last had my eyes tested 2 years ago. A lot could have happened to my vision, especially as I’m in my mid-forties and your sight does deteriorate at an increased rate as you age.

This article raises a lot of really valid points and gives a lot to think about. We are always talking of putting road safety first in this industry, so perhaps we should start with ourselves first and make sure that we are fit for purpose.


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