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Unlock money from your fleet!

Unlock money from your fleet!
13th October 2016 Run Your Fleet Admin

Business contract hire can deliver a number of business benefits and Run Your Fleet is able to help you convert your whole fleet through a sale and leaseback (or “lease new” arrangement).

Your business could achieve an immediate injection of cash by releasing capital tied up in the fleet, and also eliminate the risks of depreciation and the uncertainty of maintenance costs. This means you can fix your fleet costs helping you to budget more accurately.

New, more reliable vehicles will have less downtime meaning your fleet will be working harder for your business.

It can also offer significant long-term tax benefits, such as enabling reclamation of VAT, depending on the finance product chosen.

Our funding arrangements, such as Contract Hire or Contract Purchase, will give you operational simplicity and financial transparency backed by outstanding service.
The benefits of contract hire include:

  • Low initial payment
  • Discounted vehicle cost through our buying power
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Free up capital
  • Flexibility to move  to a different vehicle after the contract ends
  • Tax advantages
  • Maintenance, servicing and repair can be included.
  • Ability to move to new models with latest technology and safety features

Why not talk to us about reviewing your company vehicle fleet along with all the financial and hassle free benefits contract hire brings.

We have agreements in place with all the major manufactures and dealer groups, giving us considerable buying power on your behalf. 

Call us to find out how we can help you save money and increase capital.


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